Primary MFL

What We OfferFun, Motivating & Immersive Lessons

With content specifically designed for British children and taught by native teachers, our approach has offered our schools results in language well above the expected levels.

Using music, games and cultural awareness to immerse the children in each language allows the learning to stay deep in their long term memory and gives them a skill for life.

Pupils’ English attainment in Reading, SPAG and Writing is significantly improved by using Love4Languages. The inclusion of Love4Languages supports a broad and balanced curriculum inspiring pupils to learn and of course helps children acquire knowledge, understanding and skills associated with linguistics and cultural experiences. Children also use the target language for a purpose, for example asking for milk and fruit in the class.

Ofsted inspectors have been at our lessons in the past and they have provided very positive feedback.

The most productive way of learning a language is from a native teacher, and having one at school is an outstanding feature according to Ofsted.

Lack of language skills has been identified as the major reason young people do not take up opportunities to gain international experience.

With only just over one in three Britons reporting that they are able to hold a conversation in another language, the UK’s language capability remains a concern.

The overall conclusion is that the UK has now reached a critical juncture where investment in upgrading the nation’s language skills is critical.